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As you step into the magnificent gate, under the Xieshan eaves, you are about to receive a spiritual feast. The complicated work on the Eight Trigrams caisson ceiling echo many kinds of attitudes to life. The calligraphy in the main hall with downwards and wavelike strokes spells out historical dramas. Sparkling beasts on the Dragon Pillar hold the desire of the world and the wishes of the people are borne to Heaven in the upwards flow of incense. Faces with interlocked eyebrows stretch with the moment of thrown divination blocks. Visit Taiwan’s oldest Longshan Temple to see both the complexity and simplicity of the phenomena in the world and see how short or long each moment of life may be… and how people come with heavy heart and full of sorrow, and leave redeemed and filled with joy.

    • Jiufen

    • Pingxi Sky Lantern

    • Tamshui Fisherman’s Wharf

    • National Palace Museum

    • Dr.Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

    • Taipei Night Scene

    • Lukang Longshan Temple

    • Nanto Sun Moon Lake

    • Nantou Yushan

    • Alishan National Scenic Area

    • Eternal Golden Castle

    • Confucian Temple

    • Kaohsiung Love River

    • Fo Guang Shan Monastery

    • Kenting Eluanbi Lighthouse

    • Taroko Gorge

    • Cingshui Cliffs

    • Liyutan Reservoir

    • Wallpaper Download